credit score improvement

Tips for raising your credit score even higher

Rebuilding Credit

If some change in your circumstances such as serious illness, loss of your job, divorce, etc. sends your financial life into a tailspin your credit score is likely to suffer. How much it suffers of course depends on how bad your circumstances get before you get on track. Some things are easier to recover from … Continue reading

My Credit Score Twelve Step Program

If you’ve gotten yourself into a financial mess that’s damaged your credit score and you want to fix it and improve your credit score, follow the twelve steps below and you’ll get results. This is not a quick fix but it will get you lasting results. It can take up to several years to complete … Continue reading

Credit Cards and Your Credit Score

When planning to purchase a home, paying off your credit card debts is the correct thing to do. Closing the accounts is not. Leave them open with a zero balance. When you close your credit card accounts you potentially kill your chances of qualifying for a loan. The FICO scoring system takes all of the … Continue reading