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How to increase your income in various ways.

You Can Economize Yourself Right Out of Business

This is a pretty familiar scenario. I’ve heard small business owners say it and I’ve heard Fortune 500 CEOs say it and I don’t see the logic in it. “Due to lower revenue/sales, we are taking measures to reduce costs.” Huh? A lot of finance people will say that the companies in this position must … Continue reading

If I Had Won The Mega Millions

I figure if I’d been one of the three Mega Millions winners I’d have netted about $50 million in a lump sum after the split and taxes were taken out. For all you math geeks out there I know this isn’t necessarily accurate but since I didn’t win I don’t care. What would I do … Continue reading

How to Either Save or Earn More Money Each Month via The Finance Forums

I’m a semi-regular participant in The Finance Forums. There’s a thread on there giving several suggestions for saving or making money. You can read the whole thread here – How to either save or earn more money each month. My comments are below. I’ll skip commenting on any of the suggestions that I’ve already covered … Continue reading

Giving Yourself a Raise

Do you get large tax refunds every year? If you do, I’m going to show you how to give yourself a raise by ensuring you are not overpaying your taxes during the year. When you have too much withheld from your paychecks you are giving the government an interest free loan from every check. This … Continue reading