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You Can Economize Yourself Right Out of Business

This is a pretty familiar scenario. I’ve heard small business owners say it and I’ve heard Fortune 500 CEOs say it and I don’t see the logic in it. “Due to lower revenue/sales, we are taking measures to reduce costs.” Huh? A lot of finance people will say that the companies in this position must … Continue reading

If I Had Won The Mega Millions

I figure if I’d been one of the three Mega Millions winners I’d have netted about $50 million in a lump sum after the split and taxes were taken out. For all you math geeks out there I know this isn’t necessarily accurate but since I didn’t win I don’t care. What would I do … Continue reading

Emergency Funds – How Much is Enough?

Financial experts and advisers may not agree on much but they all tend to agree on one thing. You need to have an emergency fund. Common advice is to have between three and six months’ worth of expenses in your emergency fund. The question of the day is how much of an emergency fund is … Continue reading

Debt Phobia – Really?

I subscribe to a particular mailing list some writers use to obtain comments (expert or otherwise) for their work. While the terms of service prevent me from posting an inquiry that came to my inbox this week, nothing prevents me from commenting on it; Freedom of Speech and all. The inquiry was related to “debt … Continue reading

How to Avoid Common Budget Mistakes

A budget is a great tool to help you reach your financial goals. Nearly everyone in the personal finance world repeatedly beats the budgeting drum, for good reason. Here are some common budget mistakes and how you can avoid them. Not having a budget at all – This of course is obvious. It’s the biggest … Continue reading

Household Budget Formulas

There are a few things in the PF world that I look askance at or at the very least tilt my head to one side much like my dog does when she has no clue what I’m doing. One of them is trying to strictly adhere to percentages or some sort of formula to come … Continue reading

Organizing and Protecting Your Financial Documents

A great deal of personal finance is paperwork. You have pay stubs, bills, insurance papers, bank statements, tax records, loan documents, etc. There are several others that come into play in your financial life that aren’t, strictly speaking, financial documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and so on. Fact is, loss of … Continue reading

DIY Microwave Popcorn Recipe

This post about microwave popcorn on Debt Free 4 Ever is 100% correct about both the cost and benefits of making your own popcorn. Let’s face it we all know that microwave popcorn is stupidly overpriced and contains crap we don’t really want to eat (artificial flavors and preservatives anyone?). We buy it and eat … Continue reading

Money Saving Skills

I’ve done a few posts recently on ways you can save money. They tend to go along the lines of; “cut out this”, “do this instead of that”, “buy this instead of that”, “make it yourself.” There are a couple of money saving skills everyone can hone. In fact, the more you practice them the … Continue reading

Financial Education or Bribery?

I ran across this article on Yahoo today – Is it OK to bribe your kids? I’ll be honest, the article kind of ticked me off. The author is completely missing the boat on this subject by referring it to as bribery. Let me set this up a bit. No one is born with native … Continue reading