April, 2011:

Tax Day

Tax Day – the day our income tax filings are due – is tomorrow. Normally I grumble a lot around this time of year about how screwed up this system is. You have to scramble to get all your crap together so you can fill out some paperwork to send to the government about the … Continue reading

What I’m Up To

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, thank you. If you’ve wondered why I haven’t posted very much recently, I’m going to tell you. Some of this information is necessarily general, but I’ll fill in details as I can. First, it occurred to me when I wrote my recent debt settlement post … Continue reading

Rebuilding Credit

If some change in your circumstances such as serious illness, loss of your job, divorce, etc. sends your financial life into a tailspin your credit score is likely to suffer. How much it suffers of course depends on how bad your circumstances get before you get on track. Some things are easier to recover from … Continue reading