March, 2011:

A Debt Settlement Example

I’m often asked how debt settlement works and whether or not it’s a good way to get out of debt. The answer to the first question is yes. Debt settlement does in fact work. The answer to the second question is that it depends on your financial circumstances. If you’re current on your debts and … Continue reading

A Little Right and A Little Wrong

Woohoo a new post! A lot going on for me the last few weeks. Starting a new business. Had a bit of a snafu with my hosting company. If you tried to get to the site and found it was down, I apologize. I’ve switched hosts and everything is stabilized and working correctly. I’m going … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup

Another crazy week for me. It’s after 11 PM Sunday and I’m just getting this done. (Though I made a big goof earlier. I started working on it 12 hours ago and when I had to leave to go run errands with my wife I hit publish instead of save draft. So this post was … Continue reading

Better Late Than Never – Weekly Round Up

Life’s been a bit crazy the last ten or so days so a result this weekly round up, which I would normally want to post on Sunday, is only just being posted on Tuesday. It is also a bit short because haven’t done much as much reading of financial sites/blogs as I normally do. Which … Continue reading