December, 2010:

The Truly Important Things in Life

I recently had a serious health issue crop up out of the blue. It made me re-evaluate what’s truly important in life. Interestingly none of the financial goals I had previously set for myself made the list. They’re just not that important. What made my list? Spending time with my family and friends and appreciating … Continue reading

Personal Finance Sites

I try to keep up with a few personal finance websites, blogs and forums regularly, I may at some point post a list of my favorites, but not just yet. The main reason for holding off on that is that too many people who frequent these sites advocate things that I just can’t agree with. … Continue reading

Unsecured Bad Credit Loans – Beware of Rip-off Artists

If you have bad credit and no collateral and you’re looking for a loan, you’re kind of walking through a mine field. Unsecured bad credit loans are advertised by both legitimate lenders and rip-off artists. The best way to keep from getting ripped off on such a loan is don’t apply for one. An Internet … Continue reading

Mainstream Slavery in the Twenty-First Century

Slavery. Most of the time when I think of that subject I think of horrors of a past age of humanity that we, as a race, have outgrown. Then I happen across a TV news clip or article about human trafficking I realize the entire race hasn’t outgrown it, but I think of it as … Continue reading