November, 2010:

Getting Started with Your Budget

Usually the first bit of advice you’ll get about getting your finances straight, getting out of debt or saving money is, “get yourself on a budget.” This is really good advice and most people who want to improve their financial condition would agree with that statement. So why don’t more people do it? I have … Continue reading

Student Loan Consolidation Loan Might or Might Not Actually Help

About two thirds of all college graduates have student loan debt. Over half of the students who don’t complete their degrees have student loan debt. The average college graduate has over $20,000 in total student loan debt at the time they graduate. Usually these loans are a mish-mash of federal and private loans each with … Continue reading

Giving Yourself a Raise

Do you get large tax refunds every year? If you do, I’m going to show you how to give yourself a raise by ensuring you are not overpaying your taxes during the year. When you have too much withheld from your paychecks you are giving the government an interest free loan from every check. This … Continue reading