August, 2010:

More Money Saving Tips

Today’s post is a follow up to Ten Money Saving Tips. Here are some more ways you can cut your expenses. Some of them are often overlooked. Submit and follow up on Rebates. According to some estimates, less than 40% of retail customers actually claim rebates offered by manufacturers on products they buy. This is … Continue reading

Leftovers Can Save You Money

One of the tips I gave in my post “Ten Money Saving Tips”, was “Cut out fast food, frozen or prepared dinners. Cook your own meals instead.” Since writing that article I realized that on this subject the money you could save may be secondary to what might appear to be the “inconvenience” of cooking. … Continue reading

Ten Money Saving Tips

Make saving money a priority – The first step in reducing expenses is to make it a priority. To really be an effective saver, it has to be your first thought whenever expenses of any kind come up. Before you write a check, hand over cash or use a credit/debit card for anything you should … Continue reading